In this article we’ll learn about the Elo Rating system. We’ll look at what problems it can be applied to and use visuals to help understand the math behind the equations.

Why you might need a rating system?

Before we go into the details about the algorithms behind the Elo Rating system let us take a step…

I recently published a new npm package slate-entity-labeler which is React component built on Slate.js to facilitate labeling text. I mainly want to formally announce it here so I can get feedback and maybe other people who want to contribute and make it better. I will briefly go through design…

I recently finished up an app called SchultzTables which hopes to recreate an activity Ido Portal had us do at Movement Camp last year.

I searched online and didn’t find any existing apps I liked an though it would be simple enough to create on my own.

There is a…

Matt Mazzola

Software Engineer

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